Dream Weave 101, my 12-Week Program:

Within Dream Weave 101, my 12-week life-health-wellness coaching program, I am able to assist my ideal clients to uplevel every aspect of their lives by guiding them through processes that help them re-awaken to their Authentic Self. We do this beautiful work together where you learn to live the life of your dreams as I guide you through action steps with consistency while celebrating success along the way! We get into some deep Spiritual work and the clearing of energy blocks, that result in a re-awakening to your Divine Inner self where you now know your worth, feel unconditionally loved and supported, and understand your purpose so you move through life in the most healthful manner with ease and flow.

Being an experienced Master Manifester myself, I am now able to mentor others in the ways of using the Law of Attraction for the most effective and positive outcomes. This along with the use of EFT, a healing meditation modality, are tools I use with my ideal clients within Dream Weave 101. 

Within Dream Weave 101 I meet ideal clients once weekly via Zoom. 

Clients also receive:

  • a bonus session the last week of each month

  • access to me between sessions via email or text

  • workouts with me and informational videos chock full of nutritional tips


The Dream Weave 101 program is available for a single payment of $1,500. 

I also offer an option to break it down into two payments of $800.

The initial payment is due prior to the first session, and the second prior to the sixth session.

Please reach out to set up an initial session to find out if Dream Weave 101 is a good fit for you!